• Mar. Mar 28th, 2023

Atlantis exists!

Atlantis is the Sardo Corso Graben Horst underwater continental block submerged by the Meltwater Pulses and destroyed by a subduction zone, Capital is Sulcis

new discoveries on the mediterranean sea in 2023

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Arguello Terrace

Arguello Terrace, new strange discoveries right near the Vandenberg Space Force Base To see it with your eyes, just click the link below: https://emodnet.ec.europa.eu/geoviewer/?layers=12528:1:1,12526:1:1,12525:1:1,12721:1:1,12767:1:1,12485:1:1,12534:1:1,12533:1:1,12568:1:1,12570:1:1,12964:1:1,12566:1:1,10210:1:1,12493:1:1,12494:1:1,10132:1:1,12495:1:1,10367:1:1,12522:1:1,12523:1:1,8353:1:1,10133:1:1,12524:1:1,12769:1:1,12768:1:1&basemap=ebwbl&active=12528&bounds=-121.15371343887966,34.62779372547245,-120.69167939923807,34.97576311157753&filters=   In Arguello Terrace there are…

Athens 9600 BC – Sicily-Malta Hyblean carbonate continental shelf

Athens 9600 BC : if Atlantis is the Sardinian Corsican Atlantean semi-submerged geological block , then this could be the first city of Athens mentioned by the Egyptian priest in Solon in the…