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Atlantis is real: Official discovery of Atlantis, language and migrations

Atlantis is the Sardo Corso Graben Horst underwater continental block submerged by the Meltwater Pulses and destroyed by a subduction zone, Capital is Sulcis

Atlantis has been destroyed by the subduction zone under the Mediterranean Sea


Lug 3, 2021
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Atlantis, that is the Sardinian Corsican underwater continental block, has been destroyed by the subduction zone under the Mediterranean Sea, the same which destroyed Pompei and Ercolano.

Geologists know about the existence of this subduction zone, but no one seem to have connected all these arguments together into a single theory. After a while, you will find this facts obvious. It always happens, after someone explain to you the truth. Let me say I’m very proud of myself.

Let’s explain: the word “Atlantis” is ambiguous: it denotates both the capital of the Island, that is the Sulcis-Iglesiente starting from a hill next to Santadi and Tratalias, exactly above the subduction zone; and the word “Atlantis” is another name of the Sardinian Corsican continental block, which, after the (hydro)sismic event, sank into the Atlantis Talassa (Atlantis Ocean, then called Atlantic Ocean). Let explain that in old greek Talassa means Sea, not Ocean…

And we even have true evidence of the sinking of Atlantis! In fact, in Tratalias they continue to find unknown submerged finds, among which the Nuraghe Bastuppa recently emerged from the Monte Pranu reservoir.
The Rio Palmas is probably what remains of the river that led to the city center. The Egyptians have engraved on at least one stele that the civilization of Atlantis was “ancient for the ancients”: we have confirmed this too, in fact a fossil fragment of Arthropleura armata, the prehistoric giant millipede, was recently found in the rio palmas. of Atlantis! And this confirms why Plato said it was “ancient for the ancients”: probably they had already found many fossils, which at the moment we still don’t know what use the Sulcis-Iglesientini used, if they showed them as trophies to visitors, or if they destroyed them .. . is still to be discovered and unearthed. There are tens of meters of mud to shovel, to discover the truth.

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