• Lun. Lug 15th, 2024

Atlantis is real: Official discovery of Atlantis, language and migrations

Atlantis is the Sardo Corso Graben Horst underwater continental block submerged by the Meltwater Pulses and destroyed by a subduction zone, Capital is Sulcis

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Cannonau is a red wine grape variety that is widely grown in Sardinia, Italy. It is the most widespread indigenous red grape variety in Sardinia and is considered the enological symbol of the island1The wine made from this grape is typically dry and high in tannins2.

Until 2002, it was thought that Cannonau was a mutation of Grenache, which arrived on the island with the Aragonese. However, Cannonau grape seeds were found in 2002 at Borore in the archaeological site of Duos Nuraghes, and so the hypothesis of Spanish descent went up in smoke. Instead of being a clone of a Spanish grape variety, Cannonau became the oldest grape variety in the Mediterranean1.

Cannonau wine is powerful, structured, has powerful tannins, low acidity, warmth, spicy tones and a round fruit made of plums and cherries. The bouquet is intense, enveloping and wide with red fruit such as cherries, red flowers, sweet spices, oregano and other aromatic herbs, myrtle, Mediterranean scrub and balsamic traits1.