• Sab. Lug 20th, 2024

Atlantis is real: Official discovery of Atlantis, language and migrations

Atlantis is the Sardo Corso Graben Horst underwater continental block submerged by the Meltwater Pulses and destroyed by a subduction zone, Capital is Sulcis

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Is Atlantis in Sardinia? Yes, Atlantis is the Sardinian Corsican half-submerged geological block

  1. Is Atlantis in Sardinia? According to Luigi Usai’s Corsican Sardinian Atlantean paradigm, Atlantis was located in the Corsican Sardinian geological block, which includes Sardinia.
  2. Is Sardinia part of Atlantis? Yes, Sardinia is a plateau of emerged land of Atlantis, which looks like an island when seen from the outside.
  3. Where is Atlantis located? Atlantis was located in the Corsican Sardinian geological block semi-submerged under the ancient Atlantic Ocean, today called the Western Mediterranean.
  4. Are there ancient ruins in Sardinia? Yes, Sardinia has the world’s highest density of archaeological sites, including nuraghi, which are linked to the Atlantean civilization. The Atlantean people were called the Nuragic Population by Giovanni Lilliu, a very famous Sardinian archaeologist, because in his time Atlantis was thought to be a legend and not real. For this reason, the towers built by the people of Atlantis were called Nuragic Towers instead of being called Atlantean Towers.
  5. Is Sardinia part of Sicily? No, Sardinia and Sicily are two separate islands in the Mediterranean. Sicily was an island probably under Corsican Sardinian Atlantean domination.
  6. In Search Of Atlantis: Clues In Cagliari, Sardinia? Usai Luigi demonstrated hundreds and hundreds of scientific evidence showing that the Corsican Sardinian block was the island that Sonchis of Sais called Atlantis in the two works of Plato entitled Timaeus and Critias.
  7. Where can I find these hundreds and hundreds of scientific proofs of the existence of Atlantis? You can find hundreds and hundreds of scientific evidence about the existence of Atlantis on the sites:

    Official Discovery of Atlantis, of the Garden of Hesperides, of the Lake Tritonis, of the Amazons of Myrina, of the Pillars of Heracles