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Atlantis is real: Official discovery of Atlantis, language and migrations

Atlantis is the Sardo Corso Graben Horst underwater continental block submerged by the Meltwater Pulses and destroyed by a subduction zone, Capital is Sulcis

The Sardo Corso Atlantidean origin of most languages of the world


Lug 9, 2021
Luigi Usai book - The role of the sardinian corsican superpower in the Neolithyc Mediterranean seaLuigi Usai book - The role of the sardinian corsican superpower in the Neolithyc Mediterranean sea
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Today discovery of mine: most languages of the world derived from the Sardo -Corso-Atlantidean languages.

In Sardinia we have an entire constellation of languages and dialects.

Here I make my gift to the Human Race.

I tell you some Sardo Corso Atlantidean toponymy, mythology and language derivation:

1) the Atlantidean Trinity:

Šamaš ( Shamash in Anglo-Saxon rendition) in Akkadian and Utu in Sumerian was in Mesopotamian mythology the god of the sun who with the moon god Sin (Sumerian: Nanna) and Ištar (Sumerian: Inanna), goddess of Venus, was part of a triad astral of divinity. Šamaš was the son of Sin and his paredra consort was originally Aya, later identified with Istar (Source: Wikipedia).

Toponymy: In nowaday Sardinia we still have the amazing toponymy of the city of Samassi (Šamaš, Shamash) and the city of Uta in the Cagliari Province. That is:

a) from Ilienses was founded Ilio-Troy;

b) from Belares was founded the Baleares Island;

c) from Samassi derived the Akkadian language;

d) from Uta city in Cagliari derived the Sumerian language;

e) The religion of Mesopotamia derived from the Sardo Corso Atlantidean religion which had as Trinity Gods Samassi, Uta and Sinnai.
From wikipedia: Uraš o Urash ( sumerian language : 𒀭𒅁 ), in sumerian religion,Goddess of Earth and wife of Anu . Mother of Ninsun and granny of Gilgamesh . But Uras is a Sardinian surname, very diffuse in Sardinia even nowaday.

In Sardinia the surname Cadelanu, in Mesopotamia the King Kandelanu.
In Sardinia the city Sarroch, in Mesopotamia the King Sarrukin.

f) We have the Tanith god of war and love, which in Egypt and in Ireland became Neith, Goddess of War and Love. This deity was exported from Sardo Corso Atlantis to the whole world! This is why the same Goddess is in Egypt and Ireland. It’s not a coincidence. It’s an Ancient Atlantidean Goddess. This is why some Egiptian symbology is in Sardinia: it’s not sardinian, it’s atlantidean.

g) The Sardo Corso Atlantideans brought with them the Launeddas and teach the Scottish to play them. Scottish then invent the Bagpipes after the Launeddas Sardas.

Archaeology proofs:

Scoperta di una tomba collettiva a Samassi: resti scheletrici di un numero notevole di individui

I found many other derivations, but now that I told you about this Sardo Corso Atlantidean derivation, let’s hope many Sardinians will help me to reach to other etimology and toponymy.

Isn’t that amazing?