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Atlantis is real: Official discovery of Atlantis, language and migrations

Atlantis is the Sardo Corso Graben Horst underwater continental block submerged by the Meltwater Pulses and destroyed by a subduction zone, Capital is Sulcis

The origin of the Corsican Sardinian Atlantidean megalitic civilisation


Lug 10, 2021
atlantis plains and Sulcis capital in the middle of the atlantidean plains
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The Atlantean megalithic civilization

The Sardinian Corsican Atlanteans gave rise to the megalithic civilization. As Plato says, Poseidon was the first who knew about navigation. Thus the Sardinians Corsican Atlantis, a people of warriors, made raids in the Mediterranean to meet other peoples and probably to kidnap beautiful women. And the Sardinian Corsicans left a sign of their passage: they built megaliths on the coastal strips they explored, creating works that have remained even today. Megaliths from all over the world are made by the Sardinian Corsican Atlanteans. Now you can go on the internet to read up on the so-called “Mystery of the megalithic civilization”. You will find that scientists all over the world do not understand what this civilization is, who founded it, why such different peoples have created megaliths. It was we Corsican Atlantean Sardinians: we exported our culture all over the world, even in America. It is we Atlanteans who knew how to work the megaliths perfectly. In Sardinia there is a kind of stonehenge but much older. Yet all over the world people talk about Stonehenge and know nothing of the fact that there is an older one in Sardinia. Try to search now, the whole megalithic civilization will seem clearer to you, as if by magic. Suddenly, in your mind, all the strange things will return to their rightful place.